Principal's Page

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:

Welcome to Zellwood Elementary School!  The faculty and staff look forward to serving your children.  They are skilled and they combine this skill with a love for teaching and for children.  At Zellwood Elementary we work together as a team to provide a quality education for your child. Upon enrolling your child at Zellwood Elementary you will quickly understand that this is "your school".

An active role is important for your child's education.  You may do so by becoming a member of the school's Parent Teacher Association and School Advisory Council.  Availability to parents is also a priority.   We encourage parent - teacher communication and conferences and expect parents to feel comfortable with calling the school at 407-884-2258 to speak or leave a voicemail message for school administrators or teachers.

 Home assistance is also highly emphasized.  All students receive a student planner to assist them with  organizing  daily, weekly and long term assignments.  We ask our parents to review this with their child daily.  This is also an excellent communication tool for teachers and parents for daily written communication.   Other forms of home assistance include:

  • Reading with younger children daily and practicing and reviewing letters and number recognition along with the basic word list.
  • Monitoring older children to see that they are reading independently a minimum of thirty minutes daily.
  • Practicing and reviewing basic math facts.
  • Reviewing your child's homework nightly
  • Establishing family procedures that ensure homework and vital information is returned in a timely manner.

Our teachers and staff have high expectations for themselves and the students.  Working together collaboratively with parents every child at Zellwood Elementary can "expect success"!

Frank Mattucci
Zellwood Elementary